6 – 23 October 2007

David Mayne: Sculpture


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'Seed', rusted wire, 58cm x 18cm

The Yorkshire based sculptor David Mayne returned to Chapel Row for his sixth solo exhibition. Followers of his work will have recognised the light touch and playful approach with which he welds steel and folds foil.

Animals have always featured prominently in Mayne’s work, sometimes cut out, sometimes welded, often rusted and usually combined with a found object, and they remain an important source of inspiration. But Mayne has been moving in new directions and the plant world has recently become the focus of his work.

Mayne continues however to work with rusted steel, and a giant rusted seedhead typifies his new work. These sculptures, left outside some for years, have gained the rich rust colour, a hallmark of Mayne’s output, gained through the natural, sometimes unpredictable, rusting process.

As a contrast to the large rusted structures Mayne produces smaller pieces in foil made without armatures or internal supports. Often left open or pierced in some way so the viewer can see how they are made, these extraordinary pieces now appear over a metre in height or length, a result of Mayne finding a source of foil one a half metres wide.

Mayne earns his living mostly from teaching and from public art commissions in Yorkshire. A solo exhibition of Mayne’s work is now a rare event: as he is increasingly occupied with commissions, he has less time to make speculative work in the studio. Mayne’s work has always been affordable with small works around 100 and large outdoor pieces under 5,000.


'Tower', foil, height 34cm


'Horse', foil and wood, 105cm x 64cm