13 - 25 JUNE 2008

Lay of the Land


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'Morning Fields', oil on canvas, 110 x 140cm, Beth Wintgens

An exhibition of paintings by Beth Wintgens and Katharine Le Hardy, and cculptures by Andrew Fyvie.

Lay of the Land was an exhibition of paintings and sculpture by three established artists, whose common ground lies in their passion for the ever changing landscape and the natural form.

Beth Wintgens’ paintings and silkscreen monotypes, inspired by Scottish and Cornish landscapes, share her personal experience of being in the landscape and the elements, leading the viewer not merely through the geography of her scenes but through the emotional and physical journey which has made them worthy of depiction. With her gestural brushwork and poetic and harmonious use of colour, the paint echoes a sense of nature as process and through these captured moments she stirs the senses and conjures the rhythms and beauty of the natural world.


'Saunton', oil on canvas, 90 x 120cm, Katharine Le Hardy

Similarly, Katharine Le Hardy’s loose and instinctive brushwork engage the viewer and charge her compositions with movement and dynamism, reflecting the action and nature of the sea: both as a symbol for the passage of time and agent of change, and also as an icon for tranquillity and emotional depth, all of which is resonant with the ebb and flow of everyday human life. Through seascapes inspired by the Cornish and Dorset coast she creates a window onto timeless, dreamlike expanses where sea meets land, inviting the viewer into a restorative space and opportunity for reflection in calm solitude.


'Panzer', Andrew Fyvie

Andrew Fyvie’s papier mache and reinforced cement sculptures allude to the figurative form, yet beneath the beautifully textured surfaces we gain a sense of skeletal structure and architectural framework that support both volume and weight, yet resonate a sense of the fragility and elegance of the natural form.