2 - 27 JUNE 2007

Philip Davies
Returning and Pausing: Recent Paintings


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'Young girl with fur coat', 14 x 12 inches, oil on paper, 2007

A single figure, mostly but not always female, is the focus of Philip Davies' recent oil paintings shown at the Chapel Row Gallery, Bath in June 2007. Davies has taken what seems to be a magnifying glass to his previous work and the result is a collection of more detailed and sometimes, more revealing paintings.

Davies' figures are all imaginary. Unlike most artists who paint figures, Davies never uses a model. The individuals he paints are a type: slim, young active men and women often on the brink of doing something. Their settings are imaginary too, although white cliffs suggest Dover, there is never enough information to say it is definitely Dover.

Davies is a master of suggestion, a skilful exponent of pictorial theatre and narrative painting that has a long tradition but is rare in contemporary painting. Davies' paintings resemble stills from a film or opera in which the action is paused so that a particular scene or moment can be captured and recorded. It is no surprise that actors, film directors and musicians are among the collectors of Davies' paintings.

Born in 1951 in Yorkshire, Davies studied painting at Loughborough College of Art and at the Royal College in London. He has recently resigned from his post as lecturer at Brighton University to paint full time. All the works in the exhibition are for sale.

'Girl at Rest', 34 x 30 inches, oil, encaustic and pumice on linen, 2006

'Flora of the Wayside', 34 x 26 inches, oil on linen, 2006

'Some poets prefer to walk at night', 14 x 12 inches, oil on paper, 2007

'Girl in blue jacket', 7 x 6 inches, oil on board, 2007