28 MARCH - 1 APRIL 2008

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Anne Claxton

SPACE BETWEEN: ‘Perspectives on Contemporary Ceramics’

A joint exhibition by Anne Claxton, Pippa Galpin, Hans Borgonjon and Jennifer Williams, this visually diverse show shared common themes that included the exploration of space and scale. Ceramic boxes were built up to create a work the size of a door, which lined with gold leaf explored the interplay of light and form, and building blocks were used to create an abstract cityscape. Three-dimensional forms grew as though organically from the inside out and wall pieces contained memories of home and recorded our presence within them. Differing qualities of clay were explored here; the fragile and translucent juxtaposed with the solid and massive.

The four artists met whilst studying for masters degrees at Bath School of Art and Design. Although coming from very different backgrounds; architect, ceramic teacher, and philosopher with only Williams moving directly from a ceramics degree, it was interesting to see how they have established a way of working together that informs and strengthens their individual approaches.

By developing their own philosophical positions and techniques the exhibitors started with the familiar and moved towards original solutions; some with a quiet beauty, others with an engaging energy, each piece of work seeking to initiate a personal response from the viewer.


Hans Borgonjon


Pippa Galpin


Jenny Williams

Anne Claxton has used the container form to capture light and shadow and also to explore the tension between outer skins of gritty crank clay and more refined inner linings. Inspired by the architecture of Bath where light from windows at night animates stone façades and suggests life within, stacked open boxes lined with gold leaf glow softly or shine bright with differing light intensity. The eye is drawn within and then beyond.

Pippa Galpin is concerned with touch and the memory of clay. Her work layers together very thin sheets of clay over everyday surfaces and records movement across this surface, creating a series of fragile, yet tactile textural ceramic panels. On a more intimate and personal level she invites the visitor to manipulate pocket-sized porcelain touch-objects.

Hans Borgonjon makes fragile looking cylindrical forms, pushing the boundaries of clay constructions to the limits of their own stability; some remain pure forms, others contain a complex web of different kinds of clay. He seeks to increase the subjective awareness of his objects by creating tensions through contrasts and ambiguities, deconstructing and reconstructing the cylindrical form.

Jennifer Williams is interested in relationships between positive and negative space. Exploiting the surface qualities of different clays, ceramic blocks are arranged to explore various compositions of the city. For Williams the making process is only half the challenge, each grouping of the pieces once fired creates a unique solution and each solution itself provides differing perspectives.

Sponsored by FCBstudios and Bath Spa University

Anne Claxton claxtonkeys@btinternet.com 07736 777762,

Hans Borgonjon Hansb@onetel.com www.hansborgonjon.com 01373 469512

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